Sep 08


On 05-06/09/08 in Voskopoja Commune was organized the work groups meeting for SWOT and problems’ costs analyze.

Goal: Identification of the possibilities, threats and other factors that cause defined problems.

During the first workshop the working groups developed the SWOT analyze based on the values identified during the previous meetings. All the four work groups defined the strong and week points, possibilities and threats based on the main values.

During the second workshop, the working groups identified the factors and policies that cause the defined problems and they indentified the main responsible actors. The possibilities for positive changes, were discussed too

In order to facilitate the work of Green Agenda Staff, a form was prepared before the workshop where factors, actors and possibilities in local, national and international level were identified per each problem.

In order to have a better definition, financial, demografic, political factors were taken into account. Per each problem was agreed on:

1.      Factors that cause the problem in local, national and international level

2.      Responsible actors

3.      Possibilities that help on the problem solution

4.      Other factors and issues

The collected idea and information from the community will help for preparation of the realistic and applicable environmental plan.

written by Natyra Nderkufitare