Nov 12

Подолу ќе можете да го превземете и погледнете деветтиот (9) број на електронскиот информативен билтен за Зелената Агенда во Македонија


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Nov 12

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Работилницата на тема “Учество на јавноста во процесот на планирање и донесување одлуки” се одржа на 7ми и 8ми октомври 2010 година во хотел “Сонце” во Скопје. Работилницата е реализирана во рамки на проектот „Европско партнерство за локалните Зелени Агенди” кој е финансиски поддржан од ИПА 2008 – програма за граѓанско општество: Поддршка на партнерски акции „Животна средина, Енергетска ефикасност, Здравство и заштита при работа” и проектот „Зелена Агенда како алатка за зачувување на природните вредности” кој е финансиски поддржан од Министерството за животна средина и просторно планирање на Република Македонија во рамки на Програмата за распределување на средства за финансирање и реализирање на програми, проекти и други активности од областа на животната средина. Учесниците на работилницата ги претставуваа следните општини од Македонија: општина Центар– Скопје, општина Радовиш и општина Гевгелија, општина Делчево и општина Вевчани, како и три здруженија на граѓани: „Еко-свест“ од Скопје, „ЦЕЛОР” од Радовиш и „Радио-аматерски сојуз“ од Гевгелија.


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Oct 25


In these meeting there were present the three WG coordinators. APA coordinator and Assistant, 2 representatives from the WGs and the CC members.  The meeting started with APA coordinator giving a short presentation in the form of a summary of the three years of GA in Preza. What was done and what is being done and what remains to be done regarding the process of GA in Preza.

Each WG coordinator made a short presentation summarizing their own work for the three years. A request was made to the CC to support other activities selected by the WG members.

In the end of the meeting APA notified the CC that its time to work in Preza is finished and that the GA work will continue with another local NGO in Preza.

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Oct 25


The three WGs were preparing a short presentation for the CC meeting. They chose one representative to participate in the meeting of the CC. APA coordinator helped the WG coordinators for the preparation of presentations and also helped to define the agenda of the meeting with the CC.

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Oct 24


On this meeting the WG members explored the list of activities and compared the list with activities supported by the CC that were relevant with the activities suggested by the WG members in the Document of GA. Each group made a selection of similar activities that could possibly be supported financially by the CC in the future years.

The types of activities examined were either the ones that were basically taken into consideration by the CC but were not applied in all the villages of the Commune, (and in this case the WG coordinators suggested that in future decisions the CC includes those villages that did not profit from the first round of funds) or activities that had an approximate budget with the formerly approved projects by the CC but which were not considered yet by the CC.

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Oct 24

This meeting took place on 22 July. There was necessary to conduct a meeting with just the three WG coordinators and the GA coordinator in order to summarize the CC decisions found.  Clear directives were given to the Wg coordinators regarding the types of activities to look for in the archive of CC decisions. It was not easy to explore the whole archive, but eventually the Secretary of the CC helped with this. Most of the job was done by the coordinators of WGs under the guidance of APA coordinator.

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Aug 09

On 23 and 24 July 2010 in the Hotel Sirius – Strumica, held the first joint workshop on the Green Agenda process in Macedonia as part of Project Green Agenda as a tool to preserve natural values. The project is funded by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning Republic of Macedonia.  

The workshop was organized by the local office of Milieukontakt International in Macedonia, KOCKA – Training Institute and the National Platform for Green Agenda in Macedonia.  

At the workshop was attending representatives from local governments in three municipalities in Macedonia: Municipality Centre – Skopje, Municipality Radovis and Municipality of Gevgelija, as well as one representative of three NGOs, Eco-sense of Skopje, CELOR of Radovis and Radio Amateur Association of Gevgelija.  

The workshop consisted of two working days and through several working sessions was presented the basic steps in creating and implementing the process of Green Agenda.  

The first session was devoted to introducing the participants, expectations of the workshop and introduction of the agenda for the workshop, as well as a brief introduction of Milieukontakt International – Local office in Macedonia. 

The second session consisted of presentation of the steps and approach of the Green Agenda, and presentation of connecting the green agenda with legislation in Macedonia. 

The third session was reserved for the review of experiences and results of Green Day in Macedonia, project 2007-2010; experiences from other countries in Europe and represent the national platform of Green Day – Macedonia. 

At the fourth session were presented and elaborated analysis of stakeholders and analysis of strategic documents at the local level. 

At the fifth working session were reviewed necessary preparations for organization of the first meeting of stakeholders and consideration of the values of the municipalities and the establishment of working groups.  

At the sixth working session was developed analysis of key factors and issues in the community, analysis of trends and impacts, analysis of standards and problems in the process of Green Agenda and analysis of potentials and possibilities.

The seventh working session was addressed to prioritization and preparation of documents for the Green Agenda process at the local level.  

At the eighth and final working session by the three groups was drawn up a plan for training activities in the municipalities for the period 1 August to 1 December 2010.

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Jun 03


On May 11th , 2010 the working groups in Preza had their second meeting for the third phase. At this meeting the working groups made the finalization of the upcoming pilot project. They have decided that the three groups to make a joint pilot project. They thought to create “Touristic Guides” with promotional materials of touristic values of the area.
Also during May, members of the working groups have been involved in some trainings very important. With these topics: IPA Training Funds and Cross Border Cooperation in Tirana, with trainers from Eden Center. Also they had a national training of the working groups in Shkodra with the topic: “Public Relations.” These training topics organized for the working groups will help them in their work in the future regarding the Green Agenda process and in other areas.

On May 25th the working groups in Preza had a very important training with one of the most important issues: “Fundraising” In these training they received information in: Where could they find funds, How to distinguish the right donor for the right field, Possible donors, and How to find donors and how to raise funds?

On May 31, 2010, the project coordinators of the Green Agenda and coordinators of working groups were gathered for the next meeting of the National Platform of the Green Agenda in Albania. At this meeting they discussed about the progress of the Green Agenda Manual for Albania and in the framework of the activities of making visible the Green Agenda at the local level. 

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May 11

Please click on this link and you will watch the Green Agenda Participatory Video. Enjoy it!

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May 11


On April 13th 2010, the working groups in Preza had their next meeting. On this meeting some tasks were divided among the members of the working groups.

-  To explore the archive of the Commune Council from May 2009 – April 2010 and to distinguish those activities that have been approved from the list of the GA activities

- To estimate the costs of GA activities which can be potentially supported financially by the Commune Council

- To participate in Commune Council meetings and present the GA needs for financial support.

- To create a Facebook group and a Facebook fanpage “Axhenda e Gjelber- Green Agenda Preze”. We decided to use Facebook as a tool to communicate with the community in Preza, especially with the young people who can easily reach to their families afterwards and the emigrants. We hope that the further 2-way communication established with the community of Preza that has access on the internet will strengthen the public consultation for GA activities in the future.

More people were involved from the WGs mostly students who were drawn to the GA process in Preza after the Participatory video project.

On April 24th and 25th 2010, there was held a National training in Preza, where there were participants from the working groups from Dajci, Voskopoja and Preza. The topic of the training was “Managerial Skills”.

In the evening the Hostess Commune of Preza organized “A fellowship party” for the participants of the working groups of the other communes.

On April 27th the working groups of Preza had a very important training with the topic “Strategic Planning”. This training will help them to plan their projects and activities of the future better.

These trainings were possible from EDEN Center.

written by albpermakulture