Nov 24

Dokument Zelena agenda Višegrad

written by Leila

Nov 24

Dokument Zelena agenda Krupa na Vrbasu

written by Leila

Nov 15

Project Green Agenda is part of the “Joining forces for a sustainable future for the Western Balkans”, which is next to Bosnia and Herzegovina carried out in Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia. Project in Bosnia-and NGOs have implemented e: “New Hope” in Visegrad, “Center for the Environment” from Banja Luka and “Peace Trees” from Zavidovića.

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Conference “Green Platform Agedne in BiH” was held on 12.11.2010. in the hotel “Grand” – Sarajevo with the duration of 11:00 to 15:00 hours. Project financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the Co-financier “Conference” was the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

The host and organizer of the Conference “Green Agenda Platform in BiH” was UG “Peace Trees” from Zavidovića. The aim of the Conference was to promote the principles and methodology of Green Agenda in Bosnia-and, as a local strategy for environmental management.

The conference was led by Prof. dr. Zineta Čemerlić, EOQ quality auditor and manager in Sarajevo. At the beginning of the conference keynote address and support given by donor representatives: the representative of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism – Assistant Minister in the Department for Environment, mr. Mehmed Cero, and Ms. Fatima Krivošija, Policy Project Officer – Royal Netherlands Embassy in Bosnia-i.

Work of the Conference was opened by a local coordinator in BiH, Ms. Leila Haskić, which participants laid out the history of the Green Agenda in BiH. Mr. Scekic Milan, presented the mission, purpose, goals and structure of the “Green Agenda Platform in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.
Thereafter, Ms. Mila Gračanin Visegrad – President UG “New Hope”, presented a pilot project, “Lookout,” a vice president of UG “Peace Trees”, Mr. Alen Čamdžić presented the pilot project “Educational trail Lovnica.
One result of “Green Agenda Platform in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, the “Manual Green Agenda in Bosnia,” the trainer presented the Green Agenda, Ms. Mirna Dabic.

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In addition to representatives of NGOs from all over Bosnia-e, the conference was attended by guests from the OSCE (FOR Zenica), representatives of major network in BiH and (Ekoalicija, BELLS movement, Eco Network BiH, EKUS), representatives from the REZ Zenica, activists MEB and permaculture in BiH. Media support we received from the trusted “Environmentally Friendly”, Sanela Habeš (BH Radio 1) and Alma Alexiou (Federal Radio).

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The purpose of the conference was that the green agenda in BiH to be recognized and accepted by the interested non-governmental organizations and individuals, as well as other interested parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Green Agenda Platform in BiH, and to function as an instrument for the promotion and implementation of the methodology and principles of the Green Agenda.

Team Green Agenda Zavidovići

written by sadnice

Aug 03

  Thanks to the project “Green Agenda” We have made contacts with friends from Serbia (Vrsac). All contact details of people had been PM for Serbia, Ms. Maja Bilbija. As a result of that contact is the project “Young Rangers”.

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NGO “Habitat” is a partner in the project “Green Agenda” in Serbia. On this occasion, we shared experiences and GA Document, and agreed on the following forms of cooperation between the two cities and two states.

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Young people between 16 and 26 years, from four European countries – Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sweden and Serbia were volunteers in the youth camp, “Young Rangers” on the mountains of Vrsac in Serbia. Camp lasted from 05 to 19 July 2010. Year.

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We joined our will, energy, work and love to preserve the natural values of Vrsac mountains. We believe that protecting nature is not an obligation only to people who live in the local community, but the shared values and concern for all of us, no matter how near or far to each other live.

For 14 days stay, we did a lot of the implementation of protection programs in the natural good Vrsac mountains – we mark the boundaries and the degree of protection to those who work and reside in the forest could not know where what is or is not allowed to work. We removed vegetation with disordered meadows, to some endangered species of rodents could be there to return. We have extended a few bars that amphibians have enough places to live. We set the wooden homes for endangered owl. And more than that – we have shown how young people can do to improve life, developing friendships and respect. Although we have different nationalities, religions, mentality, education and financial possibilities, the nature of us merged.


written by sadnice

Aug 03

Project „Green Agenda in BiH ” runs from February 2007, in BiH and conducted by the Democratic Centre” Nove nade “in Visegrad,” Centar za životnu sredinu“ in Banja Luka and ” Peace Trees” from Zavidovići. The purpose of this project is to develop and implement a “Green Agenda” as a strategic document, primarily focused on sustainable environmental management / environment in order to improve the quality of life of local communities.
The project was initiated by the organization Milieukontakt from Amsterdam (Netherlands), and is financially supported through the Regional Programme for Environmental Western Balkans by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

Through the public call, the Association of Citizens “Sadnice Mira – Peace Trees” approved project “Green Agenda in BiH – Municipality Zavidovići (National Conference-Study Visits), which is co-financing Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism for 2009.

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Projektana activity “Study Visit” was held during the period from 17/06/2010 to 19.06.2010.godine. The passengers were members of working groups from Zavidovići (Aličić Sinan and Huskić Ermin – members of the RG’s, Šogolj Aldin – Local assistant project and Local GA Coordintor in BiH – Šćekić Milan) and Visegrad (Gračanin Mila – Local GA Coordinator in BiH, Danijela Spasojevic – Local assistant project, Surbat Gospava and Neskovic Sinisa – members of the RG’s).

Departure was from Zavidovici, a distance travel was: Zavidovići – Sarajevo – Uvac – Visegrad – Mojkovac – Niksic – Foca – Sarajevo – Zavidovici.

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The Study visits were held meetings of working groups from the local community, where they exchanged isustva to work on “The Green agenda“. They established contacts and cooperation agreed future areas of cooperation. During the visit established contacts of representatives of local authorities, business sector and tourism organizations of cities Zavidovici, Mojkovac, Visegrad and Niksic.
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The first day of the visit we were guests of the NGO “Nove nade” from Visegrad, and hosts we were Danijela Spasojevic and Mila Gračanin. After visiting the premises of the NGO “Nove nade” and touring the Pilot Project “Belvedere”, we visited the community Touriz Visegrad. Belvedere is a hill which dominates the landscape of the Drina river to the old Bridge spanning. After a joint lunch, late afternoon we went to Mojkovac.When you visit Mojkovac host was to Šćekić Predrag, GA Coordinator for Montenegro and the Deputy President of the municipality, Mr. Grdinić. In the afternoon we were guests of President of the municipality, and after the end of that, we visited the National Park „Biogradska Gora“. Accommodation was organized in part of the National Park „Bjelasica“. Each other we’re familiar with working in local communities and discuss opportunities for continuing joint projects. During the discussion we came to new ideas for projects in local communities. With colleagues from Mojkovac we visited the pilot project, which we see as an incalculable value of the local community and national significance of the project. Old city and the tower, after many years of mining and editing will be important “story” in the history of Montenegro.

The third day visit we were guests in Niksic, and the host was to Mr. Aleksandar Perovic – Director of NGO “Ozone”.
After visiting the headquarters of the NGO “Ozone” we held a PP presentation implemented pilot projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Niksic. Meeting the local coordinator and coach the Green Agenda. The aim of the meeting was to strengthen the capacity of NGOs in the form of cross-border cooperation and linking tourism organizations and businesses of the two countries.

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Anđelija Kovacevic, project manageress for Montenegro Milieukontakt Internacional, the Netherlands, presented the planned activities for the project and the possibility of the formation and development of the International Green Agenda “watchdog” network of organizations, all in order to better exchange of experiences and knowledge, which can be used to future operations and work together. Hospitality tomo visit provided us Milica Vujacic, coordinator of the Council of the Green Agenda Montenegro Aleksandar Dedović – Sime, the coach for Montenegro.

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After the exchange of gifts and shared lunch in the afternoon we went into Bosnia in. In Foca, we made a break, and colleagues from the NGO “Nove nade” continued the way to Visegrad. The second part of the team continued the journey to Sarajevo where he had a break for dinner, and late in the evening arrived in Zavidovici.



Projekat „Zelena Agenda u BiH“ traje od februara 2007.godine, a u BiH-i provode ga Demokratski centar „Nove Nade“ iz Višegrada,Centar za životnu sredinu” Banja Luka i “Sadnice Mira” iz Zavidovića. Svrha projekta je da se razvije i implementira „Zelena Agenda“, kao strateški dokument, primarno usmjeren na održivo upravljanje okolišem/životnom sredinom radi poboljšanja kvaliteta života lokalne zajednice.

Projekat je inicirala organizacija „Milieukontakt“ iz Amsterdama (Netherlands), a finansijski je podržan kroz Regionalni program za životnu sredinu/okoliš zapadnog Balkana od strane Ministarstva vanjskih poslova Holandije.

Putem Javnog poziva, Udruženju građana “Sadnice Mira” odobren je projekat  „Zelena Agenda u BiH“- opština Zavidovići (Nacionalna konferencija- Studijske posjete), a koji je sufinasiralo Federalno ministarstvo okoliša i turizma za 2009.godinu.


Projektana aktivnost “Studijska posjeta”, održana je u periodu od 17.06.2010 do 19.06.2010.godine. Putnici su bili članovi Radnih grupa iz Zavidovića (Aličić Sinan i Huskić Ermin – članovi – RG-a, Šogolj Aldin – lokalni asistent GA projekta i lokalni GA koordintor u BiH – Šćekić Milan) i Višegrada (Gračanin Mila  – lokalni GA koordinator u BiH, Spasojević Danijela – lokalni asistent projekta, Šurbat Gospava i Nešković Siniša – članovi RG-a).

Polazak je bio iz Zavidovića, a relacija putovanja je bila: Zavidovići – Sarajevo – Uvac – Višegrad – Mojkovac – Nikšić – Foča – Sarajevo – Zavidovići.

U sklopu Studijske posjete održani su sastanci radnih grupa iz lokalnih zajednica, gdje su razmijenjena isustva u radu na projektu Zelena agenda. Uspostavljena je saradnja kontakti i dogovoreni buduće oblasti saradnja. Prilikom posjete uspostavljeni su kontakti predstavnika lokalnih vlasti, biznis sektora i turističkih organizacija gradova Zavidovića, Mojkovca, Višegrada i Nikšića.

Prvi dan posjete smo bili gosti NGO „Nove nade“ iz Višegrada, a domaćini su nam je bili G-đe Spasojević Danijela i Mila Gračanin – lokalni GA kordinatror za BiH. Nakon posjete prostorijama NGO „Nove nade“ i obilaska Pilot projekta „Vidikovac“, posjetili smo Turustičku zajednicu Višegrada. Vidikovac je brdo sa koga dominira pejzaž rijeke Drine sa starim mostom Mehmed paše Sokolovića. Nakon zajedničkog ručka, u kasnim popodnevnim satima smo otutovali za Mojkovac.

Prilikom posjete Mojkovcu domaćin nam je bio Šćekić Predrag, GA koordinator za Crnu Goru i pomoćnik predsjednika opštine, G-din Grdinić. U popodnevnim satima bili smo gosti predsjednika opštine, a nakom toga smo posjetili Nacionalni park „Biogradska Gora“. Smještaj je bio organizovan u dijelu Nacionalnog parka „Bjelasica“. Međusobno smo se upoznati sa radom u lokalnim zajednicama i razmotrili mogućnosti za nastavak zajedničkih projekata. Tokom razgovora došli smo do novih ideja za projekte u lokalnim zajednicama. Sa kolegama iz Mojkovca smo obišli Pilot projekat, koji smo vidjeli kao nesagledivu vrijednost lokalne zajednice i projekat državnog značaja. Stari grad i kula, nakon dugogodišnjeg otkopavanja i uređivanja, biti će značajna „priča“ u istoriji Crne Gore.

Treći dan posjete bili smo gosti u Nikšiću, a domaćin nam je bio G-din Aleksandar Perović – direktor NGO „Ozon”.

U prvom diijelu dana su predstavljeni realizovani Pilot projekati u Bosni i Hercegovini i Nikšiću. Održan sastanak lokalnih koordinatora i trenera Zelene Agende. Cilj sastanka je bio jačanje kapaciteta NVO-a u vidu prekogranične saradnje kao i povezivanje turističkih organizacija i privrednih subjekata ovih dviju zemalja.

Anđelija Kovačević, projekt menadžerka za Crnu Goru, Milieukontakt Internacional,Holandija, predstavila je planirane aktivnosti vezane za projekat  i  mogucnosti formiranja i razvoja međunarodne Zelene Agende „watchdog“ mreze organizacija, sve u cilju sto bolje razmjene iskustava i znanja, koja se mogu iskoristit za buduće aktivnosti i zajednički rad.Prilikom posjete gostoprimstvo su nam pružali Milica Vujačić, koordinator Savjeta Zelene Agende Crne Gore i Aleksandar Dedović – Šime, GA trener za Crnu Goru.

Nakon razmjene poklona i zajedničkog ručka, u popodnevnim satima krenuli smo u BiH-u. U Foči smo napravili pauzu, a kolege iz NGO „Nove nade” nastavile su put za Višegrad. Drugi dio tima je nastavio putovanje za Sarajevu gdje je imao pauzu za večeru, a u kasnim večernjim satima stigao u Zavidoviće.

written by sadnice

Jul 05

Dana 05.05.2010. s početkom u 12 časova svečano je otvoreno izletište Vidikovac. Ovim svečanim otvaranjem vratio se značaj izletištu i njegovo stavljanje u funkciju održivog razvoja. Uređen je prostor izletišta „Vidikovac“, namjenski su postavljeni stolovi i klupe, uređena je staza i obezbjeđena prilaznost stazi, postavljenja je ograda kao i putokazi.

Članovi tri radne grupe složile su se da je izletište „Vidikovac“ jedna od najvećih vrijednosti grada Višegrada. Prostor se nalazi u sklopu I i II zone kompleksa ambijentalne cjeline mosta Mehmed Paše Sokolović. Nalazi se nasuprot mosta, to je mjesto na uzvišenju koje je posjećivao i posjećuje veliki broj turista, kao i građani Višegrada i okolnih mjesta. Sa Vidikovca su napravljenje najpoznatije i najljepše fotografije Višegrada.


written by denis

Jun 23


written by mtrninic

Apr 21

U sklopu održivosti metodologije i rezultata projekta “Zelena Agedna u BiH”, održane su dvije od četiri Radionice za obuku trenere ze edukaciju o životnoj sredini/okolišu prema mrodologiji “Zelene Agende”. Izabrani lokalni treneri će održati radionice treninga za trenere o edukaciji za životnu sredinu/okoliš prema metodologiji “Zelene Agende”. Radionice su vodili GA treneri, Dabić Mirna i Sarić Zlatko.

Prva radionica je održana u Travniku u dane,11 i 12.03.2010.godine. Tema radionice je bila, Metodologija Zelena agende i iskustva sa terena. Ciljna grupa je bilo 7 članova/ca radnih grupa iz tri opštine/ budućih lokalnih trenera Nacionalne platforme (3 osobe iz Zavidovića – Aličić Sinan, Huskić Ermin i Šćekić Milan i 2 osobe iz Višegrada – Danijela Spasojević i Nešković Siniša, te 2 osobe iz Banja Luke – Miroslav Trninić i Željko Šamara). Cilj radionice je bio da se učesnici/e motiviraju da podrže i šire osobenosti procesa Zelene agende u drugim zajednicama u BiH-i.

Okvirnim programom treninga/učesnici/e su upoznati sa sledećim temama: Kolbov model iskustvenog učenja i njegova primjena u koncipiranju treninga; Metodologija Zelene agende; Razmjena iskustava primjene ZA sa terena; Primjena ZA u drugim zajednicama.


Druga radionica je održana u Travniku u dane,15 i 16.04.2010.godine. Tema radionice je bila, Javno zagovaranje. Ciljna grupa je bilo 5 članova/ca radnih grupa iz dvije opštine/ budućih lokalnih trenera Nacionalne platforme (3 osobe iz Zavidovića – Aličić Sinan, Huskić Ermin i Šćekić Milan i 2 osobe iz Višegrada – Danijela Spasojević i Nešković Siniša). Cilj radionice je bio da se učesnici/e motiviraju da podrže i šire osobenosti procesa Zelene agende u drugim zajednicama u BiH-i.

Okvirnim programom treninga/učesnici/e su upoznati sa sledećim temama: Elementi javnog zastupanja, Tehnike javnog zastupanja, Uloga medija u javnom zastupanju i javno zastupanje kao kontinuirani proces.


written by sadnice

Apr 19

Javna rasprava o nacrtu dokumenta “Zelena agenda za Krupu na Vrbasu” je završena 17.04. Tokom rasprave su  stanovnici KnV i zainteresovani pojedinci mogli dobiti uvid u nacrt dokumenta i pritom dati svoj prijedlog ili primjedbu. Nakon javne rasprave će se na osnovu rezultata pristupiti izradi finalne verzije dokumenta koja će se dalje uputiti na proceduru usvajanja pred institucije gradske vlasti.   poziv-na-raspravu.pdf

written by mtrninic

Apr 11


U periodu od 26.11. do 28.11.2009.godine održana je radionice „Schedule for Participatory Video Regional Workshop” u Skoplju (Makedonija). Projekat Zelene Agende općine Zavidovići – Lovnica predstavljao je Huskić Ermin i bio jedan od tri predstavnika BiH-e. Tom prilikom je ovladao vještinama organizovnja video participativnih aktivnosti u zajednici  i stekao zvanje trenera „Insight Share”.

Film “Staza mladosti” snimali smo u periodu 04.04 – 08.04.2010.godine na lokalitetu mjesne zajednice Lovnica. Cilj snimanja filma nam je bio promovisanje vrijednosti Lovnice, do kojih smo došli primjenom metodologije “Zelene agende”, a što smo uvrstili u izrađenu lokalnu Strategiju upravljanja okolišem “Zelena Agenda općine Zavidovići – Lovnica”.

Podciljevi radionice su bili: Poboljšati komunikaciju među građanima putem filma; Podići svijest,građana da izraze sebe, dijele nove vještine i pomažu jedni drugima;  Promovisati rezultata U.G. “Sadnice Mira” Zavidovići.

Kroz ovakvu metodologiju rada imali smo za cilj: Podijeliti sa učesnicima nove vještine i znanja; Ponuditi jedan vid zabave, te promovisati svoj film sa kolegama iz Regiona.

Project “Participatory Video making” vodio je PV coach – Huskić Ermin uz asistenciju Insight Share coach – Isabelle Lemarie i Jan Luc. Aktivnu ulogu na izradi filma imali su: Šehić Zekerijah; Ćatić Sumejla; Sabina Hodžić; Anes Bosnjaković i Šogolj Aldin, a značajan doprinos dali su Šogolj Mubin, Šogolj Muamer, Mahovac Bego, Šogolj Semir, Šogolj Azra i  Dohranović Haris.

Od institucija i javnih ustanova, podršku smo dobili od rukovodstva i radnika Gimnazije „Rizah Odžečkić“, Srednje tehničke škole, Srednje stručne škole, Lovačkog društva „Klek“ – sekcija Lovnica, Prve osnovne škole, hotela „Kristal“, te Savjeta MZ-e Lovnica i članova U.G. „Pokret mladih Lovnice“.

Odgovorna osoba: Milan V. Šćekić, GA kordinator u BiH i predsjednik U.G.„Sadnice Mira – Peace Trees“ Zavidovići.


In the period from 26.11. to 28.11.2009.godine held a workshop “Participatory Video Schedule for Regional Workshop in Skopje (Macedonia). Project Green Agenda Communities Zavidovići – Lovnica represented Huskić Ermin and was one of three representatives of Bosnia-e. On that occasion, he mastered the skills of organizing of participatory video activities in the community and became coach Insight Share.
The film “Trail of youth” are recorded in the period 04.04 – 08.04.2010.godine at the site of the local community Lovnica. The aim of the filming was to promote the values Lovnica, we came by applying the methodology of the “Green Agenda”, which are included in the strategy made the local environmental management, “Green Agenda Communities Zavidovići – Lovnica.
Objectives of the workshop were to: Improve communication among citizens through film, Raise the awareness of citizens to express them, sharing new skills and help each other, promote the results of NGO “Peace Trees” Zavidovici.
Through this methodology, we had a goal: to share with the participant’s new skills and knowledge, offer one form of entertainment and to promote his movie with colleagues from the region.

Project “Participatory Video Making” led by PV coach – Huskić Ermin assisted Share Insight coach – Isabelle Lemarie and Jan Luc. Active role in making the film were: Šehić Zekerijah; Catic Sumejla; Sabina Hodzic; Anes Bošnjaković and Šogolj Aldin, a significant contribution gave Šogolj Mubin, Šogolj Muamer, Mahovac Bego, Šogolj Semir Šogolj Azra and Dohranović Haris.

From institutions and public institutions, support we received from management and workers Gymnasium Rizah Odžečkić, secondary technical school, vocational school, Hunting Club “Klek” – section Lovnica, the first primary school, hotel “Kristal”, and the Council of MZ-e Lovnica and members of UG “The movement of young Lovnica.

Responsible person: Milan V. Scekic, GA coordinator in Bosnia and Herzegovina and President of Association of citizens “Peace Trees” Zavidovići.

written by sadnice